Global Warming

Newsweek article:

The global warming debate (now more properly known as the global climate change debate) still rages.  I’m not afraid to say that I come down on the opinion that human factors definitely influence climate change.   This article, “The Truth About Denial,” explores some of the background of the denial of climate change.  It’s worth a read, though be warned, it is rather long.


I need to find something to better occupy my time.  Anthro final to write?  Meh.  We’ll see about that.  All I have to do is graduate at this point.

This is definitely not what I should be doing with my time.

I downloaded the free application, SketchbookExpress, today.  Gonna be quite the time-waster for a while I think.

Rat’s Wisdom

Maybe I should follow this advice rather than continuing posting in my blog.

Those DC Monuments Got Me Wondering

Thomas Jefferson National Monument

I spent a few days of my spring break in Washington DC with my dad to check out a couple law schools (American and George Washington — I liked GW better).  Of course, I feel like you can’t (or shouldn’t) go to DC without seeing the some of the monuments, so Dad and I visited a few places, namely the Thomas Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln monuments.  I noticed just how enormous these places are, many of them with obvious Roman influences.  I thought about how today we find remains of Roman architecture, some of it massive and simply stunning and began to wonder what future civilization will think of us.  I was talking to Luke online a few days ago and mentioned these thoughts and he raised another interesting question.  Rather than wondering first what future civilizations will think about the United States, he thinks more about the more basic questions of what civilizations will exist beyond us.  Interesting questions I think.  Discuss.  (I say this under the delusion of a large blog readership.)

Me standing next to a pillar at the Thomas Jefferson National Monument.

What do an 18th Century Enlightenment Thinker and a Duck Have In Common?

Answer: Absolutely no idea.  Possibly nothing.  That title was just an attempt to get you to click, and if you’re reading this then clearly it worked.

The following is what this is really about . . .

Confession: I am having fun writing my Senior History Honors Thesis. I’ve spent a lot of time with the tall red-head, Thomas Jefferson and am quite enjoying watching my argument develop and finally take shape in my Word document.

Confession 2: I have been looking for a reason to write a paper on Thomas Jefferson since I got to college.  I’m serious, people.  For some reason this guy has always fascinated me.

That is all.  Thank you for indulging me.

Thomas Jefferson

Picture is not mine... Obviously... Came from

Some Might Call This the Ripple Effect

Do you ever find yourself wondering how things would be different if you’d just said or done even one thing differently? For example, what if you had decided to attend a different college or university? That’s a big jump to make, but it’s kind of what I’m talking about. Recently I’ve started to speculate on smaller instances of how making different decisions might have changed a lot. But then, that’s all it is, isn’t it? It’s just speculation. No use actually dwelling on it, but it is interesting.

Procrastination Blitz

Arg. Yesterday, the smart me installed an extension on Chrome that would limit my Bejeweled-playing to 10 minutes per day. I just finished my history paper and all I want to do is play one game, or two, or you know, however many my addicted self will play until I realize I’ve wasted way too much time on it… again. So, this means two things:

1. I have to find a more creative way of procrastinating (hence ANOTHER post here)


2. I actually have to study for my exam tomorrow.

Finding other creative procrastinations is too much effort. Guess that means studying.

… I just realized that I could use LSAT logic for this:
If I don’t find more ways to procrastinate, then I will study. If finding more ways to procrastinate is too much effort, then I won’t bother with it. Finding more ways to procrastinate is too much effort. Therefore, I will study.

With that being said, you know what I’m about to do.